Seeking a break from the traditional large law firm business model, an entrepreneurial team of attorneys founded Pugh Hagan Prahm in 2014 as a boutique business law firm focused primarily on real estate and commercial business transactions in the Iowa City – Cedar Rapids corridor and beyond.

Each of our attorneys have previously worked for much larger regional, national or international law firms. Our vision: to provide in-depth expertise and responsiveness to the increasingly complex legal problems our clients face, yet without the impersonal bureaucracy, service, and prohibitively high hourly rates that often hinder large general practice firms. We are small enough to care for your individual needs and experienced enough to handle all of Your Business Matters, no matter how complex or challenging.

We do not try to be all things to all people; rather, we pride ourselves in providing thoughtful, sophisticated counsel in our core practice areas. At Pugh Hagan Prahm, Your Business Matters. Delivering high-quality advice and service clients deserve is our greatest priority. We invite you to learn more about our firm by contacting us directly.

Practice Areas


We were founded on the principles that our practice will only be as successful as the lives and businesses of our clients. Our accessibility, credibility and vitality help us stand apart from other law firms in the area.

The firm has developed an expertise in assisting innovative and growing companies that are leaders in business and real estate. Our attorneys focus on developing solid client relationships based upon a detailed understanding of your goals and objectives. At Pugh Hagan Prahm, Your Business Matters, therefore we will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals and provide solution-based guidance.

Our team approach is just that.  To provide the highest level of service, the lawyers frequently collaborate with one another to make use of the experiences and expertise of each of the lawyers of Pugh Hagan Prahm.  In addition, the assistants and staff provide invaluable assistance to our clients.